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For those of you who want to spend the day with your dogs (and really, what true Richmonder doesn’t own a dog) then Woofstock is the hot place to be today.  The event is a fundraiser held by the Richmond Animal League to raise money for homeless animals.  Last year the festival raised over $50,000 and this year the goal is $70,000.  For those of you that are not familiar with the Richmond Animal League (RAL), it is an awesome animal rescue organization located in Chesterfield.  They are Richmond’s oldest no-kill organization, which rescues animals from the shelter, spays and neuters them, gets them healthy in some cases, and then puts them up for adoption.  They recently opened up a low cost spay/neuter clinic that is incredible.  We adopted our cat from RAL last year and it has been a great experience watching as she finally becomes comfortable with the idea that she is with us forever.  But, back to the event. 

Woofstock is will be held today, May 15th, on Monument Avenue between Lombardy and Allen from 10am-4pm.  Scheduled events include a fundraising dog walk, RAL alumni parade, K9 training demo, a doggie fashion show, contests and more.  There will also be plenty of animal related vendors, exhibits, and lots of live music.  There will be food, drinks and kid-friendly activities as well so bring both kinds of kids (human and furry).  If you have a weak heart for homeless animals (like me), beware.  Woofstock is the largest annual dog adoption event in Richmond and there will be plenty of adorable sweet animals looking for forever homes. 

The event itself is free, although a $5 donation is recommended and greatly appreciated.  So, bring your dog and spend some time outside on the Avenue showing off your dog’s best features.  As if we needed one more reason to strut our dogs down Monument.  At least this time all the money will be going to a good cause. 

All dogs must be on a leash at all times and must be up to date on all vaccines and rabies shots.  In case you have one of those crazy leashes that allows your dog to run 8 blocks ahead of you, you can only have a 6ft leash at the festival.


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