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I have to admit, I was a little stuck today.  There isn’t much going on around town and I really wanted to cover something I knew.  Then I thought about Kuba Kuba.  This is hands down, one of the best restaurants in Richmond and definitely a favorite in my family. It is often compared to the other Cuban restaurant in town, Havana 59, but my experience there didn’t even compare.  Kuba Kuba was founded by a Cuban immigrant, Manny Mendez and features Cuban food in a little cafe set up like an authentic Latin Bodega, all the way down to the latin music and latin goods for sale lining the walls. 


Kuba Kuba is located in an old pharmacy/coffee shop on the corner of Park and Lombardy in the Fan.  This is the perfect location to take in some Fan atmosphere before or after you eat.  Lombardy Park (featured before on this blog) is directly across the street and is a great place to wear out the kids so they behave at lunch!  The restaurant is not big so don’t go with a huge party, and don’t expect a booth unless you have at least 3 people.  Most importantly, don’t go if you are in a hurry.  You will wait for a table at peak times and service can be slow.  Oh, and parking is street parking in the Fan, enough said.  So why go there?  Two words, THE FOOD!!!! 

The atmosphere is fun and authentic, but the food is incredible!  They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and brunch on the weekends.  I’m not alone in thinking this, Kuba Kuba was even featured in the New York Times in 2009.  The menu includes authentic dishes like Empanadillas, Paella, Huevos Rancheros, and of course, the Cuban sandwich.  There is also plenty of beer and wine available too.  You can finish with authentic Cuban coffee and their delicious tres leche cakes.  Everyone has their favorite dish (mine is just plain rice and beans with cornbread), but rarely do you find a dish that no one likes.  The prices are reasonable too.  The brunch is especially popular so be prepared to wait if you head there for breakfast on the weekend.  Don’t worry though, its worth the wait! 


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The weather is only going to get more beautiful as the week goes on so, I thought an outdoor activity was in order.  Lombardy Park is a small triangle-shaped park in the Fan district bounded by Lombardy Ave, Hanover Ave, and Park Ave.  This is THE park to be at if you have kids.  This particular park has some really great features.  It is completely fenced with a 3-foot brick fence and iron gates.  Beautiful yes, but also a safety necessity with roads on all sides.  There are tons of activities for the kids including a huge sand box (with sand toys!), an open area to run, playground equipment, and toys.  The toys are possibly the best thing about this park.  There are balls, cars/trucks, buckets, shovels, and riding toys that are there year round for the kids to enjoy.  The toys are regularly left by families in the surrounding area for other kids to enjoy.  And really, there is nothing better than going to the park without having to lug 2 additional bags full of dirty sandy toys.  But I digress.  The Friends of Lombardy Park and surrounding neighbors spend a lot of time and money keeping this park up with fresh sand, mulch, and toys.  There are also plenty of benches under shady trees for the adults to rest.  The park has also been known to have its own Fall Festival, although I’m not sure they do it anymore.  And possibly the best thing about this park, aside from keeping the kids occupied for a couple of hours, is that it is right across the street from Kuba Kuba.  I won’t go into the details now, since I’ll be featuring Kuba Kuba in another post, but it is one of the best cuban restaurants in Richmond.  So, picture this . . .a nice walk around the Fan with the kids.  They get whiny and tired, you eat at Kuba Kuba.  They get hyper but you are wiped out, let them loose in Lombardy Park while you rest on a bench.  It’s a match made in heaven.  Enjoy!

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