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So today is Mother’s Day (not really but pretend your on Oprah or Dave Letterman or something where they film a day early because they won’t be around on the actual holiday) and as we have already discussed at length, moms love flowers.  That is probably why the Museum District Association holds their annual Home and Garden Tour every year (hence the “annual”) on Mother’s Day weekend. 

There are many beautiful homes on the tour this year, each with their own story:

  • 6 North Boulevard – Designed in 1921 by Marcellus Wright, a Virginia architect who also designed Richmond’s Landmark Theater.  
  • 16 South Boulevard Unit #3 – Condo featuring beautiful antiques in a building built in 1918. 
  • 3120 Floyd Avenue – A home built in 1915 that still has its original stair rail, wood paneling, moldings, fireplaces, doors and more.
  • 3124 Floyd Avenue – Arts and Crafts home  built in 1915 with original details
  • 3124 Patterson Avenue –  Home built in 1921.  Each room features work by a Virginia artist.
  • 3126 Patterson Avenue – Home built in 1921 featuring art and photography by local artists
  • 3317 Stuart Avenue – A home built in 1925 with historic details mixed with modern conveniences
  • 3400 Park Avenue – Classic American Foursquare  originally built on the corner of the W.S. Forbes estate. 

The tour runs from 1-5pm.  Tickets are $20 in advance and $25 on the day of the tour at Albert Hill Middle School (where the tour begins).  Advance tickets are available at several places around Richmond including Ellwood Thompsons, Strawberry Street Vineyard (for those of you going to the Strawberry Street festival today), Cocoanut Jewelry (Willow Lawn and Short Pump), and  Williams & Sherrill.  Don’t forget this is a walking tour so wear comfortable shoes.  Hope you enjoy and have a wonderful Mother’s Day!


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Ok, so the Great Richmond Region Adventure Race isn’t actually until April 24th (and I’ll write more about it then), but registration closes soon and I wanted to give everyone the opportunity to sign up so here it is.  The race has been held here for several years and as a family that watches The Amazing Race faithfully every Sunday, we can’t wait to participate this year!  

The Adventure Race is a foot race that leads through historic sites, museums, parks and more.  Teams of 2-6 people crack codes, solve clues, and decipher puzzles around Richmond. Each team is given handmade treasure maps, clues, and devices like black lights and cipher wheels to get through the race.  Last year the race was downtown, this year it will be in the Fan and Museum districts.   The winning team will select a non-profit Richmond Region cultural attraction to receive a $1,700 donation.  

This year there is a second/alternative race called the Riddle Race for families and people who just want a slower pace but all the fun.  This race is stroller friendly.  Once you turn in your completed Riddle Adventure sheet your team will be entered into drawings to win Segway of Richmond gift certificates, Free Admission Attraction Passes and Richmond Region getaways.

The race is designed by Ravenchase Adventures , a company that designs custom races using riddles and puzzles, similar to the Amazing Race and the Davinci Code.  This particular company designs races all over the country, but does several in Richmond, Va every year.   They will also design custom adventure races for any size group, occasion, and level.  There is a cost to participate, all the sign up info is here.   They also have a Facebook page here.

If you have participated, I’d love to hear about your experience!

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