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In case you haven’t seen this week’s weather, the 100 degree days are back.  Air conditioners are collapsing under the stress everywhere and forget the lawn and flowers you worked so hard on in the Spring.  While a trip to Alaska might not be in your budget, indoor ice skating surely is.  There are 2 indoor ice skating rinks in the Richmond area, Skatenation Plus in the Short Pump area and Richmond Ice Zone in Midlothian. 

Both ice rinks have public skate times, usually every day.  There is usually a public skate around lunch time and another in the evening after work.  You can get the schedule for both rinks here.  You are looking at about $10/person for admission and skate rentals.  However, Skatenation has been doing a lot of public free skates lately with the hot weather (usually when its 100 degrees or hotter).  You can find out about these deals and more on their Facebook page.  If you do decide to attend a free skate (and lets face it in this economy you may have no other choice) just remember to get there early.  Hundreds of people show up to these and rentals go fast.  Skatenation also has $10 all you can play and skate on Friday and Saturday nights throughout the summer.  Your $10 includes skate admission, rentals, and laser tag.   

Don’t worry if you have little ones that haven’t skated before.  They have big  buckets that the kids (ok, and you) can lean on as they skate around the rink.  My kids love this because they can let go of the wall and really get out there. 

 You can get food and drinks at both rinks for additional cost.  Skatenation Plus has a bunch of other activities available if ice skating isn’t your thing including an arcade, indoor laser tag, and a climbing wall.  Those have extra costs as well. 

It is actually pretty cold inside the rinks, so pull those jeans out of storage and enjoy the cool air, at least for a couple of hours!  Try to stay cool!


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I know you are thinking that it costs way too much money to shop at Short Pump Town Center in this economy, but I’m here to tell you that you can still go and enjoy an afternoon at Short Pump without breaking the bank.

Short Pump, for those of you that don’t already know, is a 2-story outdoor mall located in the far West End on Broad Street.  Anchor stores are upscale department stores like Macy’s and Nordstroms.  You will also find Pottery Barn, Crate & Barrel, Janie & Jack, Godiva, and more.  If window-shopping isn’t your thing, don’t worry, there is plenty more to do. 

The mall has several very large fountains that both adults and kids love.  Most have benches or seating nearby so you can relax, people watch, and listen to the water.  If you have young children, keep an eye on them.  They will most likely get wet even if they don’t fall in, and some do end up falling in (no, I’m not talking from experience, yet).   In the main courtyard area, there are large patches of grass where the kids can run and play.  Next to this area is an outdoor seating area for Starbucks so you can enjoy a nice cup of coffee while the kids play. 

If your kids need more than their imagination, Pottery Barn Kids usually has some pretty good toys out for the kids to play with.  Or, you can walk up a little further to the Short Pump Express play area.  These little play houses are adorable and have some cute details but they are located right on the “train tracks” so you have to keep an eye on your child!  The Short Pump Express is so fun.  It is a little train that drives around the mall.  It costs $2/person which goes to St. Mary’s Hospital for kids.  Yes, an adult can fit in those train cars and if you don’t mind a few bumps, it could be fun (just be careful what train driver you get!). 

The kids (and you) should be hungry by now so head up to the food court.  There are some awesome restaurants at Short Pump (Maggiano’s, Cheesecake Factory, California Pizza, Firebirds) but remember, we are doing this on a budget, so off to the food court we go.  The food court is very family friendly.  There is a play area, mini-tables and chairs for the little ones, booths next to the play area so you don’t actually have to go in there, and even a “family” bathroom and nursing area. 

When lunch is over take a stroll down toward the Cheesecake Factory to enjoy the fish ponds.  The kids will love jumping from rock to rock searching for the goldfish (which are usually all the way down at the end, near the Cheesecake Factory – but don’t tell them, it keeps them occupied longer).  Again, if you prepare yourself for them to fall in, then you won’t be disappointed when it happens. 

Short Pump has many events throughout the year including visits with the Easter Bunny, Santa, birthday parties, spring festivals, concerts, and more.  It is especially beautiful during the holidays.  You can check the event calendar here.  All in all, whether you are shopping or not, Short Pump can be a fun place to spend an afternoon.  I apologize for not having more pictures!  But mall security did not take kindly to me taking pictures or video.  At least we know security is tight there as well.

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