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There is a new event in town:  The Shockoe Wide Open.  This Friday (and every second Friday) you can enjoy an art and food walk through Shockoe Bottom and Shockoe Slip.  These walks will feature the area’s local art, local food & wines, antiques, locally crafted jewelry, and local music.  In other words, there is a little something for everyone. 

First the food.  Some of the best Shockoe restaurants will be opening their doors for this event:  Tobacco Company (of course), Kobe, Sine’ (incredible food and atmosphere), Havana 59, Lulu’s (fantastic food, sister to Millies), Sheba Ethiopian, and more.  The various restaurants will offer small plates and “cocktail artistry” (not sure what that means, but my mouth is watering already!)  created just for the walk.

You can find live music at City Dogs and The Urban Farmhouse.  More venues are signing up every day so check the website for updates.  There will also be a DJ and dancing at the Tobacco Co from 5-8pm. 

Here are some of the art events as well:

  • Cafe Gutenberg will host a Community Art Show featuring local artists (including “Life’s Journey” by Jenny Nunez) 
  • Eric Schindler Gallery will host “Complete Fiction” new paintings by Tim Harriss
  • The Urban Farmhouse will feature prized art by local high school seniors
  • The Gallery at Frame Nation will host an opening reception for Brett Busang’s show “Scenes from the River.”  The art will be framed in reclaimed wood from tobacco row which for a history freak like me, is very awesome

    "Complete Fiction" by Tim Harriss

  • Dora’s Brazillian Grill will feature paintings by Walter Ribiero
  • Historic 17th Street Marketplace will have many local artists
  • C’est La Vin & Wine Gallery will host an Art & Wine extravaganza featuring art by Dan Sheets
  • Dransfield Jewelers will feature art by the owner, Don Dransfield (an advocate for everything that is Shockoe and a frequent visitor to this page!)
  • Virginia Hair Salon & Spa will feature “Preview to Strawberry Hill 2010,” art by Gigi Brothers

The art events are listed here in no particular order, looking at the walking map may help you pick the best route.  The event suggests you start at Tobacco Company and end at the Eric Schindler Gallery.  Also, more artists are still being added so be sure to check the webpage for updates as well. 

"Scenes from the River" by Brett Busang

If walking on cobblestones is too much, or you have enjoyed too much cocktail artistry, or you just get plain tired, the To the Bottom and Back Bus will provide a transportation loop that covers all the events and safely take you to your next destination. The bus will run between Ellwood Thompson’s in Carytown (parking) and The Market at Tobacco Row at no cost, stopping anywhere along the route for a pick-up or drop-off.  To get the bus to stop, just flag them down by flashing the peace sign with your fingers (no, I’m not kidding).  There will also be low cost parking available at Main St. Station.   

The event runs Friday, May 14th from 5-9pm and , wait for it, is completely free!  Kids are welcome, although there are no kid-specific events at this time.  No word on whether the event is animal-friendly, but I’m guessing no unless you want to keep tying up the poor dog outside of every venue.  The next art walk is already well into the planning stages and will be on June 11th. 

I, for one, am very excited about all these new events coming to Richmond.  I thought I was going to have trouble coming up with 365 things to do, but now I am having trouble finding the time to cover the oldies but goodies, the mainstays of our awesome city!  Maybe there is another 365 on the horizon?  For now, I’ll just focus on Day 56.  Thanks everyone for your support in reading this blog!


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Congratulations, you survived Spring break!  Why not celebrate at the April Fools Wine Festival.  The festival is held today 10-6pm and tomorrow from 11-5pm, rain or shine, at James River Wine cellars.  Tickets are $15/person.  The weather should be beautiful and lets face it, everyone probably needs a drink after last week! 

The festival is held outside on the grounds of the winery which include the lawn, patio, and balcony.  The grounds here are so beautiful that many people choose to get married here. Four wineries will be there:  Cooper, Grayhaven, James River Cellars and Lake Anna.  There will also be live music, craft vendors and food vendors.  James River Wine Cellars welcomes picnics so feel free to bring all your picnic gear and spend the day.   

James River Wine Cellars, located in Glen Allen, is Richmond’s resident winery.  It is a family-owned and operated winery that offers award winning wines from Virginia grown grapes. They have a lot of other great events throughout the year as well.  Some of their more famous Summer events include:

  • Sundays in the Shade is held the 3rd Sunday of every month until September and includes live acoustical music & wine on the patio
  • Fridays on the Patio is held monthly and includes local musicians, wine tasting, and light food
  • Memorial Day Wine & Cheese 

Be sure to check out their event calendar for a full listing of all their activities!

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